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Founder & CEO

Ralph McNamara

          Security and Law Enforcement professional with 20+ years of results oriented experience providing leadership to numerous federal agencies domestically and internationally.  Management professional experienced in the areas of criminal and administrative investigations, proactive initiatives, physical and personal security, and intelligence and computer crimes.  Experienced in directing the activities of law enforcement, security, and investigative professionals. Knowledgeable about all aspects of law enforcement, security, computer crimes, protective service, intelligence and undercover operations.  Familiar with conducting joint operations with a majority of Federal (civilian and military), State, and Local law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, as well as foreign law enforcement agencies in Europe.

PRIVATE SECTOR - Fraud Prevention, Law Enforcement Relations, Lose Prevention, Investigations, Internal Affairs and Security
Worked with many of the top retailers, Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies to identify and address retail fraud and theft.  Coordinated with law enforcement to engage with them on internal/external fraud/thefts.  Developed business/fraud relationships and assisted Loss Prevention/Asset Protection/Investigations teams with a large number of national retailers. Worked with Organized Retail Crime Associations nationwide and the National Retail Federation in support of Merchant Return Gift Card fraud.  Conducted environmental impact investigations for an international firm.
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - Investigations, Security, Internal Controls, Executive Protection, and Law Enforcement Training 
Served as a special agent/criminal investigator for the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, United States Postal Service, National Archives and Records Administration, Department of Defense, and United States Army Criminal Investigation Command.  Conducted criminal and administrative (internal and external) investigations worldwide, preformed protective services details for high ranking government and foreign officials worldwide, conducted security assessments, internal reviews, crime prevention surveys, and fraud prevention activities.


TROY STATE UNIVERSITY - Master of Public Administration                                        
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - Bachelor of Science Psychology
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND - Associate of Arts Criminal Justice ​​


Fraternal Order Of Police (FOP) -  American Society For Industrial Security (ASIS) - Professional Risk Management International Association (PRMIA) - Veterans Of Foreign Wars (VFW) - American Legion (AL)